Health Care

Hunter’s Health Care vertical work focuses on supporting our clients in bringing to market the products and services their customers need to support patient care.   Clients have included Essilor, Johnson & Johnson, United Health Care, Wedgewood Pharmacy, and Oliver Medical.

Whether supporting Eye Care Professionals with lenses and contacts; Urologists, Dermatologists, and Retina Specialists with compounded pharmaceuticals; or delivering health care and insurance coverage – the objective remains the same: to grow revenue and profitability through effective sales operations that focus on customer value delivery.


Projects in the Health Care vertical have included:

  • List generation and cultivation of prospects, into lead generation for new customer acquisition;
  • Joint market-builder programs to grow customers’ (doctors’) and clients’ mutual business;
  • First-call resolution customer support;
  • On-line training, recruiting and administration of customer rewards programs;
  • Organization design and sales coverage optimization;
  • Benchmarking of top skill and behavior requirements for field sales success in Health Care market, and linkage of these to improved recruiting and training models;