Run faster. Innovate. Invest more time in the business. Launch the breakthrough product. Find a new sales manager. Fire the rep organization. Go to another trade show. Social Media - maybe that’s the key. No - but maybe a better website. Hey, what happened to the trade show leads from last year? On and on and on…… Stop and think about growth in a practical protocol.

#1.  Retain your customers.  If you don’t keep your customers you are running on a treadmill.

#2.  Educate and Train your customers to buy your compete product line. What are your customer’s business applications for servicing their customers?   Fill in with your products and services.

#3.  Offer attractive and valuable new products to your customers.  Focus on product absorption rates in each customer segment.

#4.  Find new customers that look like your best customers.

Each of these four areas of growth are measurable and drive different sales and marketing strategies.  Measure the investment you make in those strategies.

So, take a look over the past few years at how you are doing in each area.  Forecast what 2015 looks like if you stay on the same track.  Set some new goals for 2015 revenue growth based on each of these four areas of growth CHANGING in 2015.  Measure your return on investment in each area based on the revenue change you create.

Measure your performance in each area against your goal using a 12 month moving view. 

That’s it.  You have a practical revenue growth protocol for planning and measuring your sales and marketing return on investment in 2015.

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