Tanz Robertson

Tanz Robertson Tanz Robertson

Operations Manager and Certified Senior Professional Human Resource Consultant

Tanz is an Operations Manager and Certified Senior Professional Human Resource (SPHR) consultant at Hunter Business Group. She is responsible for managing all aspects of client projects.  Tanz has 20+ years of experience in Human resources, sales, sales operations, integrated account management (IAM), marketing, and project management.

Tanz has 12 years of Direct Marketing Consulting experience with Hunter Business Group.  Tanz has worked with Fortune 500 companies nationwide to develop recruiting programs and build call centers.  Some of her clients include BellSouth, Parker, Panasonic, DRS, AmericInn Lodges & Suites, NRAEF, Sitel, Steelcase, Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley, Johnson Controls, Johnson & Johnson, Essilor and many others.

Her areas of focus include: personnel management, optimizing customer relationships, human resource management and development, managing sales and marketing investments, leveraging integrated communications, quality management and defining and implementing program measurements for success. 

Her sales, marketing and industry experience provide Tanz with the required skills to understand the complex issues of leveraging inside and outside resources to achieve business objectives.