Bob Mueller

Bob Mueller Bob Mueller

Operations Manager

Bob is an Operations Manager at Hunter Business and is also Manager of Information Technology. Bob is responsible for managing all aspects of the communications and data architecture.  Bob has the ability to communicate business objectives into system design requirements and data models that developers can easily understand and implement.  This advantage has gives Hunter the ability to quickly execute new programs..

Bob has over 20 years of experience in the industry with a specific focus on B2B technology. He led an inside sales program which generated over $4M for a retail merchandising product and solutions company which was a 13% lift above control and resulted in nearly a 100% ROI.

The Operations Manager role at Hunter is vital to ensuring the quality and consistency of the program activities. The Ops Manager manages productivity, coaches reps, serves as subject matter expert and helps define the program’s vision and direction. Bob’s years of experience inside and outside of Hunter enable him to be uniquely equipped to succeed in these responsibilities.