Case Studies

Our case studies, we offer readers the opportunity to gain insite from real world examples of businesses who have overcome challenges.


The main objective of a B2B Voice of Customer (VoC) program is to ensure a great customer experience. Many, if not most, B2B organizations have established a VoC program and collected a plethora of customer data and insights.


Our client is a national provider of assisted living services through facilities throughout the US.  In the process of implementing aggressive cost control over several years, customer satisfaction and revenue declined significantly.  As a result, a key focus became identifying the drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty and acting on those to drive improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Our client is a leading global manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the personal care marketplace and an integral part of a much larger, brand name organization.  In order to optimize global distribution, the organization selected two global distribution partners to track loyalty alongside the direct business.  In rationalizing distribution following a major acquisition, all non-direct accounts were reassigned to the distribution partners, and the direct team took on new relationships. 

     Our client took over a mature product line brand from another manufacturer who had intentionally allowed the brand to decline in the SMB marketplace in order to support other business objectives.  Our client’s challenge was to re-engage past resellers of the brand in order to re-establish the brand and its reputation.

     Our client had been experiencing growth in sales over several years, but was also experiencing churn within its customer base which could only be offset by acquiring more and more customers each year.  Our client’s challenge was to identify ways to decrease churn and also take advantage of additional ways to continue its sales growth.
 width=    Our client is a leading paper manufacturer. When selling through the distributor channel, our client was challenged to effectively reach and market directly to the end user for a variety of reasons. An approach where the manufacturer used a dedicated resource to prospect, qualify, and schedule appointments for the outside sales team with the end user represented a different approach.    
   Our client had been experiencing decline in sales from a product category over several years.  Field sales reps calling on customers identified those that were purchasing similar products from competition.