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Solution Selling

I’m not sure my sales reps can do solution selling. 

Wikipedia defines “Solution Selling” as: “… a sales methodology. Rather than just promoting an existing product, the salesperson focuses on the customer's pain(s) and addresses the issue with his or her offerings (product and services). The resolution of the pain is what constitutes a ‘solution’.”  As you may know, selling solutions is different than transactional selling.  Selling solutions requires investigative questioning, active listening, probing, and really understanding the needs / pain of customers, in order to prescribe the right solution.  Transaction selling, is typically “pitching” a product, irrespective of the needs or pain the customer wants to resolve.
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Increasing Share of Wallet is a Sales Catalyst

Increasing share of wallet is a sales catalyst, an agent that provokes and speeds significant change in customer revenue

Selling more products to more individuals in your existing accounts increases share of wallet.  Existing accounts are easy to target.  Selling to existing accounts is easier to execute and costs less that new customer acquisition.  Selling more products that you already have increases turn and improves your return on investments in products.  Increasing share of wallet improves customer loyalty.  

Sounds Interesting?  So, why is it so hard?

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Effective Segmentation to Guide Territory Realignment