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I can’t get my people to follow our process

Have you invested in an improved sales process, only to find that your sales reps are not following it?  Have you identified best practices for how to sell, explained the process to your team, but can’t be sure they are following the process?  Unfortunately, this experience is all too common.  Sales teams often have reps or managers who have perfected a “best practice” sales process which produces results, but which most team members just don’t follow.
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Solution Selling

I’m not sure my sales reps can do solution selling. 

Wikipedia defines “Solution Selling” as: “… a sales methodology. Rather than just promoting an existing product, the salesperson focuses on the customer's pain(s) and addresses the issue with his or her offerings (product and services). The resolution of the pain is what constitutes a ‘solution’.”  As you may know, selling solutions is different than transactional selling.  Selling solutions requires investigative questioning, active listening, probing, and really understanding the needs / pain of customers, in order to prescribe the right solution.  Transaction selling, is typically “pitching” a product, irrespective of the needs or pain the customer wants to resolve.
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Not Just Hiring, Hiring for Success

Often in business, the hiring process is rushed and candidates are selected carelessly. Many times the HR department is pressured to get the position filled because another employee is “desperately needed”. It’s tempting to hire the first candidate that appears to be qualified. You may have the urge to scan through a few resumes, call several applicants for a quick interview, and start writing job offers. Check, done! Position filled!


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End User Customers Matter in B2B

I have heard it often said by manufacturers that their customers are their distribution partners.  While it is true that these partners often pay for stocking products, they must eventually sell to end user customers that consume those products.  Manufacturers that have a strong or exclusive channel(s) often do not have, or have limited line of sight to the end user customer.  They rely heavily on their partners to communicate, market and sell to the end users.
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How to Grow your Business


Run faster. Innovate. Invest more time in the business. Launch the breakthrough product. Find a new sales manager. Fire the rep organization. Go to another trade show. Social Media - maybe that’s the key. No - but maybe a better website. Hey, what happened to the trade show leads from last year? On and on and on……
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Product Penetration

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Growing Your Export Business

Planning for revenue growth is about retention of existing customers, growing the customers we have, absorption of new products, and acquiring new customers - ideally new customers that look like your BEST customers.  But, what if you could double your businesses by selling your current products and services to customers that may not look at all like your current customers?  Or, maybe they look a lot like your current customers, but you have never heard of them and don’t know how to do business with them.
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Increasing Share of Wallet is a Sales Catalyst

Increasing share of wallet is a sales catalyst, an agent that provokes and speeds significant change in customer revenue

Selling more products to more individuals in your existing accounts increases share of wallet.  Existing accounts are easy to target.  Selling to existing accounts is easier to execute and costs less that new customer acquisition.  Selling more products that you already have increases turn and improves your return on investments in products.  Increasing share of wallet improves customer loyalty.  

Sounds Interesting?  So, why is it so hard?

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Effective Segmentation to Guide Territory Realignment