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The Politics of Churn


How Can You Make CRM Work for YOU?

By now your firm likely has implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) system for tracking sales activities. There are many systems out there but essentially they work as an awesome administrative assistant, keeping track of who has talked to whom, where that proposal is and who the campaign targets are.  Or do they?

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Pricing – Parity or Parody


Keep your eye on the Ball. Margin Management. Progressive Pricing. Value Pricing. Performance/ Importance Gap Analysis. Heat Map. Key Attribute Performance. Competitive Landscape. Building Strategic Relationships. Isn’t price just cost + desired return???


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Growing Your Export Business

Planning for revenue growth is about retention of existing customers, growing the customers we have, absorption of new products, and acquiring new customers - ideally new customers that look like your BEST customers.  But, what if you could double your businesses by selling your current products and services to customers that may not look at all like your current customers?  Or, maybe they look a lot like your current customers, but you have never heard of them and don’t know how to do business with them.
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How is your Re-Org Impacting Your Customers?

Accelerate the effectiveness of the new organization and minimize the impact of change on our customers.

During significant corporate reorganization and personnel change it becomes critically important to frequently and thoroughly listen to customer perceptions. Unfortunately, too many organizations become internally focused and stop listening to customers.  

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Data, Data, Everywhere!

Successful companies know that engaging in thoughtful B2B Voice of Customer (VoC) programs will ensure positive customer responses and encourage repeat business. Over the years, these companies will collect a bounty of customer data and insights and understand how to ACT on this data to create top line revenue growth by utilizing their sales and account management teams in meaningful ways.
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Making Net Promoter Score More Actionable

I have been impressed with how actionable NPS has actually been in the industry since its birth in the 90’s.  By “Actionable” here, I mean getting businesses into gathering Voice of Customer beyond Satisfaction Surveys of the 70’s and 80’s.  What we discovered in the 90’s (with the Service Profit Chain research at Harvard) was that Customer Satisfaction pointed us effectively to “Pain Points” and was required for growth in Loyalty, but it did not effectively score our relationship with our customers or inform us of what drove loyalty.

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Driving Results from Research Findings

It is common for organizations to conduct voice of customer research studies, obtain solid information with insightful findings, but not translate that information into actions that actually drive results.