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I can’t get my people to follow our process

Have you invested in an improved sales process, only to find that your sales reps are not following it?  Have you identified best practices for how to sell, explained the process to your team, but can’t be sure they are following the process?  Unfortunately, this experience is all too common.  Sales teams often have reps or managers who have perfected a “best practice” sales process which produces results, but which most team members just don’t follow.
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Sales is too busy servicing customers rather than selling

When I hear this, it is usually uttered with frustration. Frustration that revenue growth goals are not being met. Frustration that a firms’ often most valuable, and expensive asset — the sales team — is not being deployed as effectively as they could be to drive revenue growth. Frustration that they don’t know how to fix the problem
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The Politics of Churn


How Can You Make CRM Work for YOU?

By now your firm likely has implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) system for tracking sales activities. There are many systems out there but essentially they work as an awesome administrative assistant, keeping track of who has talked to whom, where that proposal is and who the campaign targets are.  Or do they?

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Harnessing the Power of Collaboration with Consulting Firms

Harnessing the Power of Collaboration with Consulting Firms

Companies often hire consulting firms because of their functional expertise and knowledge.  But client companies have deep industry experience.  With collaboration, that experience can be leveraged with consulting firms’ expertise and knowledge to produce exceptional solutions. 
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Two Fallacies of Customer Satisfaction

Conventional wisdom has moved most firms to conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey to take the pulse of their customers.  While it is important to capture voice of customer or VoC information, there are two common errors that companies make in conducting customer satisfaction surveys.

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How is your Re-Org Impacting Your Customers?

Accelerate the effectiveness of the new organization and minimize the impact of change on our customers.

During significant corporate reorganization and personnel change it becomes critically important to frequently and thoroughly listen to customer perceptions. Unfortunately, too many organizations become internally focused and stop listening to customers.  

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Increasing Share of Wallet is a Sales Catalyst

Increasing share of wallet is a sales catalyst, an agent that provokes and speeds significant change in customer revenue

Selling more products to more individuals in your existing accounts increases share of wallet.  Existing accounts are easy to target.  Selling to existing accounts is easier to execute and costs less that new customer acquisition.  Selling more products that you already have increases turn and improves your return on investments in products.  Increasing share of wallet improves customer loyalty.  

Sounds Interesting?  So, why is it so hard?

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Driving Results from Research Findings

It is common for organizations to conduct voice of customer research studies, obtain solid information with insightful findings, but not translate that information into actions that actually drive results.