The Math of Integrated Account Management

Matt Matson
Matt Matson
Robert “Matt” Matson, Jr. is Vice President of Consulting at Hunter Business Gro
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The Math of Integrated Account Management

Almost always an integrated approach to account management results in "better" math. But first, what is it anyway? Integrated Account Management is the seamless management of accounts between inside sales working hand-and-glove with outside sales. These sales activities are supplemented with planned marketing programs, like new product introductions, to accelerate product line and overall penetration in accounts.
Here is the math:

·         1:3 to 1:7

·         30 / 2

·         25 or 6 to 4

1:3 to 1:7.  Those are the ratios that are recommended between inside and outside sales.  In the finance industry the ratio is 1 inside sales professional to 1 outside sales professional but 1:1 is usually not required.  In most industries outside sales doesn’t need that level of support.

30 / 2.  Having integrated account management contacts yields the same level of perceived service.  For example on “A” graded accounts, outside sales typically calls on the account monthly (30 days) in person 2 times.  We have demonstrated that a call in between by inside sales can’t be discerned by the account as “in person” or by “phone” after 10 days.  What that means is that outside sales is freed up to make other field calls while inside sales services the account just as efficiently as having outside sales make 2 field calls.  It is still 30 days / 2 calls, but it is far more efficient!

25 or 6 to 4.  While Chicago made this famous, the practical application is that 25 quality email contacts may be just as effective in pre-qualifying and identifying decision makers as 6 inside sales calls or 4 field calls.  Even better is a combination of the above that profiles, identifies and nurtures relationships with decision makers in accounts to generate new opportunities.

Integrated Account Management is an extremely efficient go-to-market plan when the sales cycles are longer, the product or services are higher ticket, or both.

How much of a lift has Integrated Account Management been for your company?

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Matt Matson

Robert “Matt” Matson, Jr. is Vice President of Consulting at Hunter Business Group.  Matt is responsible for key client relationships, business development and client program management.  Matt’s experience includes over 25 years in engineering, sales management, business development, consulting and strategic marketing both in domestic and global markets.


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