Vision, Values, Mission


At Hunter, we aspire to become architects and builders of a new and better way of doing business for our clients and ourselves where interdependent customers, employees, and business partners work to forge sustainable communities.

  • that are fueled by the knowledge gained through continuous personal customer interaction.
  • where organizations and all of the stakeholders are one.
  • that are both more civil and more profitable.

Together, with our clients, we will achieve this vision by navigating the difficult journey of transforming their sales and marketing processes. We will combine our vision, wisdom, leadership, and encouragement to build tools, systems, and human competencies. Relationships, values, vision, and service will form the cornerstones of our success.

Through example, we will do this in an enjoyable, caring community of self-managed individuals, bonded by common values, and sustained through integrity, mutual trust, and support for each other's personal and professional growth.


We aspire to be an energizing, caring community of self-directed individuals, committed to furthering the transformation of business through:

» Individuals Building a Community
To build a community within our company, we freely communicate our common goals and form partnerships among each other to reach them. We maintain an environment of openness and trust so that we all understand our individual roles and responsibilities. We nurture the self worth of each person and respect the opinions and contributions of each individual.

» Encouraging Individuals to Reach Their Fullest Potential
As individuals and as a company, we strive to reach our fullest potential. We create opportunities and help each other succeed. We achieve success by taking risks and learning from our mistakes. With each success or failure, we strengthen the sense of community within our company.

» Creating a Balance
We continually strive to achieve a dynamic balance between our business responsibilities and our personal values. As an organization, we must balance our fiscal duties with our corporate culture, realizing that we must attain profits to advance our corporate values. As individuals, we must ensure a balance and understanding of how all elements of our business and personal lives fit together.

» A Commitment to Integrity
Each of us must demonstrate and instill the highest levels of personal pride, integrity, and professionalism in all we do. To create an environment of openness, trust and positive communications, we insist all individuals act with fairness, equality, and honesty. We must perform to the best of our abilities in all situations.

» Serving Our Clients and Our Neighbors
We must build the same relationships with others as we have with each other. In service to our clients and our neighbors, we must clarify and keep our commitments. Regarding our neighbors, we must recognize needs and meet them with appropriate corporate and personal resources. As professional individuals and as a company, we must proactively address issues we see as vital to our clients' success.


In today's competitive business environment, revolutionary change is required to be a market leader.
The best businesses continually strive to find new ways to profitably create and deliver value to their customers far beyond what a competitor has to offer.

At Hunter our mission is to help further the transformation of change within our clients' businesses.
We help our clients by designing, integrating, and implementing business-to-business marketing applications in order to simultaneously build internal and external customer loyalty, improve sales and marketing productivity, and deliver the greatest value to the customer.

"Insanity – doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result."
- Albert Einstein

Change is inevitable and with increasing competitive pressures, change will only occur more rapidly.
The good news is that there are methods that have been proven successful for many companies. Methods that are forged out of tools, systems, and processes that can be measured and continuously improved.