Message from our CEO

Welcome to Hunter Business Group’s online home. I’m glad that you’ve taken the opportunity to visit and hope that you have an enjoyable experience exploring all that we have to offer.

I founded Hunter Business Group over 25 years ago on the belief that integrated business-to-business marketing is a highly personal process whose framework is built from a database and whose soul is a sensitivity to people and relationships.

"As an organization, we believe that you must market to and build authentic and trusting relationships with individuals, not corporations."

We believe that you must strive to respond to "segments of one" by personally addressing the unique needs of individual customers. We believe that all contacts must provide value to prospects and customers and that the best technology is transparent. Planning is critical, processes are foundational, and measurement is mandatory.

We believe that integration is the means by which both program efficiency and customer loyalty is achieved and that a successful strategy is measured by the effectiveness of both deployed human resources and capital.

Because successful strategies are as dependent upon effective implementation, Hunter is organized to ensure that our customer-centric integrated marketing and sales strategy is driven out of business strategy, and that operations effectively implement both.

Thanks for your interest in our organization. We look forward to the opportunity of building a valuable partnership with you.

Vic Hunter
Hunter Business Group